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Wonzo Trucker Club Benefits

Discounted Tax Preparation Services

We know tax season can be tough for truck drivers. We have partnered with Wonzo Group to offer expert tax preparation/planning services. Our team will guide you, make sure you get all the deductions and credits you deserve and help you take the anxiety out of taxes. That way you can stay focused on driving, worry-free.First step is to schedule a FREE 15 minute call:

Discounted Legal Services / Lawyer

We’ve partnered with the Law Office of Kristyan Rose Gilmore to provide our Trucker Club Members with legal and business advice. Use this link to sign up for a discounted consultation: https://www.kristyanrose.as.me/wonzo

Free Stay at Our Airbnb**

 Free for drivers who have run a load for Wonzo.
Available for a flat rate for drivers who have never run a load for Wonzo.

Click here to check out the AirBnB

Collection Agency

We’ve partnered with top US Based Legal firms to provide our Trucker Club Members with collection and fraud prevention services.

Free 3 Night Stay at Wonzo’s Medellin, Colombian apartment

For drivers who have run at least five loads for Wonzo.

Check it out here!

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